You all must be familiar with surfing, riding a skateboard. Surfing is one of the most exciting sport. Here is the new sport invented for surfing lovers. In a new promotional video, Freefly studios introduced the new sport : Drone surfing. They were just showing off that their Drone has enough power to pull a man.

Drone surfing would be more clear to you by watching this incredible video uploaded by Freefly Systems.

Freefly is a specialized and Renowned name in professional cinematography industry. Recently it has also started developing amazingly innovative aerial gadgets. It has developed drone for uplifting big photography cameras. we also have article on drones for photography and videography that might help you choose the drone according to your shooting requirements.

Freefly, ALTA 8 has an eight monster rotor. The price of ALTA 8 Drone is $18000. It has a body of fine quality fiber that is strong enough to lift a heavy payload. Alta is water-resistant. They claim that it can pull a person for 3-4 min per battery. ALTA 8 is designed to lift a heavy camera for shooting professional videos.
A person’s weight is much more than that of its actual payload limit, but then also it is able to drag the person on water surface.

Drone surfing was just an experimental trial by a team of a freefly drone to prove the reliability and power of their Drone. Their drone surfing footage went viral on the youtube and loved by the surfers.

It seems to be insane yet incredible. Drone surfing might become a watersport as it is fascinating for the surfers and so many surfing enthusiast wanted to try it. Hopefully companies will work on this projects and create more drones like ALTA8.

If you have high budget and involved in big shoots, than this Drone might be helpful for you.